Abstract submission is open for the 12th ArcticNet Annual Scientific Meeting

September 23, 2016
By Amélie Bouchat

The 12th ArcticNet Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM2016) will be held in Winnipeg, Manitoba, from December 5th-9th 2016. The deadline for abstract submission is Monday October 3rd, 2016. To submit an abstract, go to: http://www.arcticnetmeetings.ca/asm2016/pages/abstracts.php

As the largest annual Arctic research gathering held in Canada, the ASM welcomes over 500 participants annually and is the ideal venue to present results from all fields of Arctic research and stimulate national and international networking and partnership activities. Scientists, policy and decision makers, representatives of government and non-government organizations, the private sector, Inuit and northern stakeholders and media are invited to join us at ASM2016 to address the global challenges and opportunities brought to the Arctic by climate change and modernization.

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