FAMOS Meeting 2018 - Information

March 27, 2018
By Amélie Bouchat

The 2018 FAMOS School and Workshop will be held at the Edvard Grieg Hotel in Bergen, Norway, on October 23-26, 2018.

Registration deadline: August 1, 2018

Hotel booking deadline:  August 1, 2018

Please see below for more information. 
*** Note that school and meeting agendas are still in preparation. 

Meeting Dates  & Registration

School:         October 23, 2018

Workshop:  October 24-26, 2018 

Registration for both the School and Workshop is now open at:
https://web.whoi.edu/famos/ (first link on the front page). 

Registration deadline: August 1, 2018

About FAMOS 2018

The major goals of the 2018 Meeting are to coordinate FAMOS activities, report accomplishments, exchange ideas and hypotheses, enhance international arctic studies collaboration and discuss plans for continuing FAMOS work beyond 2019.


Organizing Committee: 
Andrey Proshutinsky (aproshutinsky@whoi.edu
Michael Steele (mas@apl.washington.edu)
Amélie Bouchat (amelie.bouchat@mail.mcgill.ca)

Annie Doucette (adoucette@whoi.edu)

FAMOS Past Activities

In order to save time at the meeting, we encourage all new participants to familiarize themselves with past FAMOS activities by registering on the online collaborative website famosarctic.com and have a look at the different teams' activities and reports.

You can also browse the regular FAMOS website, or have a look at this paper for more information on FAMOS' history, past accomplishments,  and the structure of the coordinated experiments.  

Attendance Costs & Lodging

We have an agreement with the Edvard Grieg Hotel for hosting the meeting & for lodging of meeting participants. All participants will have to pay attendance fees, regardless of staying at the hotel or not. 

Costs for participants staying at the hotel: 

Price per person per day single room Kr. 1595 = $206.236 (as of now)
Price per person per day in double room Kr. 1248 = $161.369 (as of now)

These charges include: room, buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner (+ coffee, tea and water available during the whole day), access to all meeting facilities and a shared buffet in the mingle area that includes popcorn and make your own ice cream. Free WLAN wireless internet access & Free parking.

Costs for participants NOT staying at the hotel: 

People not staying at the hotel will have to pay kr. 560 ($72.41, as of now) per person per day to attend the meeting. 

These charges include: lunch and desert (+ coffee, tea and water available during the whole day)access to all meeting facilities and a shared buffet in the mingle area that includes popcorn and make your own ice cream. Free WLAN wireless internet access & Free parking.

Dinner can also be arranged for participants not staying at the hotel for kr 435 ($56.2) per dinner.

Hotel booking and Cancellation conditions: 

50 rooms are reserved for participants with arrival October 22nd & departure October 27.
100 rooms are reserved for participants with arrival October 23rd & departure October 26.

Rooms can be booked via e-mail: anne.kari.nessimo@choice.no or by phone: +47 55 98 0000.
Please refer to FAMOS meeting and give code: 6062.

Deadline: Reservations should be made no later than  August 1, 2018. 

Booking contact: Anne Kari Nessiomo (***Note: on vacation until 3 April, 2018).

Hotel description is available at: https://www.nordicchoicehotels.com/hotels/norway/bergen/quality-hotel-edvard-grieg/trip-advisor/

Please book your rooms personally and let us (aproshutinsky@whoi.eduadoucette@whoi.edu) know about your dates of arrival and departure.

Agenda, Abstracts, and Participants

In preparation.

Presentation Guidelines

Oral Presentations: 

Length: 12 mins + 3 mins for questions

Please upload your presentation on the conference computer during the break before your session. 

Poster Presentations: 

Each presenter is responsible for printing their own poster. More information about sizing, orientation, and list of posters to come soon. 

1-minute-1-slide presentations: 

We ask that you prepare an introduction to your poster on ONE SLIDE with NO ANIMATION (see example here).  We will have one-minute summary presentations by each poster presenter in the afternoon before the poster sessions. This is intended to give a sneak peek of your work and main results, and NOT to explain everything on your poster! Just give a hint or the main result, i.e. do not over-crowd your slide with too much material. Please send your summary slide to Andrey Proshutinsky (aproshutinsky@whoi.edu) as soon as possible.


The 2018 FAMOS school will take place on Tuesday October 23rd. The school is not yet full, but funding to support student travel has now been fully attributed. If you are able to fund your own travel to the school, please register for the meeting and note that you are not requesting travel funding from FAMOS.  Then we will add your name to the email list for further information.  Also be sure to book your travel and hotel room ASAP

The agenda for the 2018 School is in preparation. More information to come soon!

For questions regarding the FAMOS School, please contact Michael Steele, mas@apl.washington.edu

Working Groups

The FAMOS Workshop comprises of several Working Group break-out sessions. Participants can join one or more groups during the meeting.  The goal of the working groups is to create concrete collaboration plans and report about previous activities of the group. Examples of some collaborative work can be model intercomparison, setting up new datasets, dedicated model runs to enhance sparse observations, development of new numerics/physics and implementation in multiple models, etc.

Please make sure to have an account on our collaborative online platform famosarctic.com and join the online group(s) corresponding to the working group(s) you are interested in joining at the meeting. In the member space of this collaborative platform, you will find a page for each group with their recent activities, leaders, and list of participants. If you have any questions regarding the online collaboration website, please contact Amélie Bouchat (amelie.bouchat@mail.mcgill.ca).

List of Working Groups 2018

In preparation.

Earth-friendly Initiatives

In a effort to reduce the environmental impact during the meeting, we strongly encourage participants to bring their own mug/bottle for coffee and refreshments. 

Financial Support

Travel support for this year's FAMOS 2018 meeting in Bergen, Norway is now fully committed to a suite of students and lecturers.  There is, however, still room for attendees who are able to fund their own travel to the meeting.  If you have such support, please register for the meeting and note that you are not requesting travel funding from FAMOS.  Then we will add your name to the email list for further information about the meeting.  Also be sure to book your travel and hotel room ASAP. We look forward to seeing you in Bergen! 

Request an account

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Membership is subject to approval and adherence to the codes of conduct.


Contact Andrey Proshutinsky, Senior Scientist, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution at aproshutinsky@whoi.edu.