Scope of activities

A coordinated set of Arctic modeling experiments is being carried out which explore how the Arctic responds to changes in external forcing. Our goal is to compute and compare "Climate Response Functions" (CRFs) --- the transient response of key observable indicators such as sea-ice extent, freshwater content of the Beaufort Gyre, etc --- to abrupt "step" changes in forcing fields across a number of arctic models. Changes in wind, freshwater sources and inflows to the Arctic basins are considered. Convolutions of known or postulated time-series of these forcing fields with their respective CRF's then yields the (linear) response of these observables. This allows the project to inform, and interface directly with, Arctic observations and observers and IPCC models and the climate change community.

Team leaders

Gianluca Meneghello

Jeffery Scott

John Marshall


The CRF group is now carrying out these experiments using a range of different models.
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