Scope of activities

Biogeochemical modelling in Arctic waters is still at an early stage, particularly if the sea-ice ecosystem is also included. This group aims at improving our understanding of and ability to parameterize biogeochemical processes in sea ice and the upper ocean, and understand their impact on the Arctic system. Main tools will be model intercomparisons with with two or more models either trying to reproduce a particularly interesting and suitable data set or a characteristic feature to analyze the model’s ability to reproduce the particular process.

Ongoing and proposed projects include:

  • Ice primary production (PP) model intercomparison in 1D
  • Ice PP model intercomparison in 3D
  • Ice PP feedback on sea ice physics
  • Using multiple ecosystems models in one physical ice-ocean model
  • Using one ecosystem model in different physical ice-ocean models
  • Coordinated study on the impact of small scale processes on large scale Arctic biogeochemistry
  • F-ratio: variability, processes, moments, patterns, timing
  • Under-ice production & ITPs  
  • How to parameterize upper ocean transparency in physics only model?

Team leaders

Katya Popova
National Oceanography Centre

Nadja Steiner
Institute of Ocean Sciences


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